Key event management software features to make you a top event organizer 

When making your event technology platform selection, make these highlighted features a priority.

October 23, 2023

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Over the years, event organization has come a long way with the help of technology, making things smoother and boosting the overall event experience. Event management software is like your trusty companion, making the life of an event organizer easier, saving you time, money, and energy, especially when dealing with ticket sales, event marketing, and attendee management. With their wide array of functions and features, it is important to find the right fit for your needs.  

So, in this blog, we are going to dig into the must-have event software features that will help you rock it as an event organizer! 

1. Online registration and ticketing

Imagine making life easier for both you and your event attendees. Quality event management software should offer a seamless online registration and ticketing system. This feature simplifies attendee registration and ticket purchase, reducing manual errors and saving time. An i event registration software like Canapii streamlines registration, generates scannable name badges, and eases event check-in. Having registration tools within your event management software simplifies the entire process. 

2. Attendee management

It’s all about making your guests feel special. Effective event management software helps you track and manage attendee information and preferences. This way, you can offer a personalized experience, ensuring everyone has a fantastic time. 

3. Customization and branding

A great event management software should allow for customization and branding, enabling you to tailor the platform to match your event’s unique style and identity. A professional event organizer knows the importance of a well-designed event website. Look for software that offers customizable templates to create a branded event website, complete with event details, schedules, and registration forms. 

4. Marketing and promotion tools

To attract a larger audience, your event management software should offer marketing and promotional tools. This might include email marketing, social media integration, and other promotional features to help you reach your target audience effectively. 

5. Mobile-friendly solutions

In today’s mobile-centric world, mobile-friendly event apps are a must. Attendees expect easy access to event info, schedules, and networking on their smartphones. Ensure your event management software is mobile-compatible. The Canapii app is tailored for organizers, allowing easy customization to match your event’s style. With real-time messaging, personalized agenda and matchmaking, Canapii creates a seamless and engaging attendee experience. 

Networking feature

6. Onsite check-in and badge printing

Efficient onsite check-in and badge printing are game-changers for large events. Choose software with QR code scanning and badge printing to simplify check-in. This technology lets attendees scan their tickets or QR codes upon arrival, eliminating paperwork and waiting times.  

Onsite check-in

Onsite badge printing software enables you to design and print badges on the spot, reducing costs and environmental impact. It works seamlessly with design tools, badge printers and scanners. 

7. Payment processing

Streamline the payment process with integrated payment gateways. The software should support secure online transactions, making it easy for attendees to pay for tickets or services related to your event. 

8. Networking and engagement tools

To promote interaction among participants, opt for an event software equipped with attendee profiles, chat options, discussion platforms, social media integrations, chatbots, gamification, and other technologies that contribute to an environment fostering engagement, healthy competition, and an enjoyable, lively experience for event attendees. 

9. Feedback and survey tools

Collecting feedback plays a pivotal role in event preparation. A well-rounded event management software should encompass features for generating and dispersing surveys after the event, aiming to amass valuable perspectives and viewpoints. Canapii offers support in event planning, survey creation, and question input. It’s an invaluable tool that empowers users to share survey links with their attendees and review the results later. 

10. Data analytics

Data-driven decisions are the key to successful event planning. Look for software that provides insights into attendee behavior, ticket sales, and engagement. This way, you can fine-tune your event strategy and make it even better next time. 

Analytics dashboard

11. Integration with other tools

Event management software that plays well with others is key. It should integrate seamlessly with your CRM systems, marketing tools, and other event-related software you use. No more juggling multiple tools! 

12. Support and training

Last but not least, don’t forget about top-notch customer support and training. You want a software provider that’s there for you every step of the way, helping you make the most of their platform. After all, your success is their success! 


Becoming a top event organizer requires using the right tools, and event management software can significantly simplify your tasks. When making your event technology platform selection, make these highlighted features a priority. They will help you simplify event planning, elevate the attendee experience, and ultimately lead to greater success in your event management journey. With the right software in your toolkit, you’ll be on the fast track to becoming a top-tier event organizer. Canapii offers top-notch event solutions, from seamless ticketing to boosting audience engagement, crafting custom event apps, and providing outstanding customer support. Get in touch with us today

eleanor martin

Eleanor Martin

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