Gamify your event and spark a competitive experience

Create the motivation that your audience needs to stay engaged and participate throughout your event.

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What’s in it for you?

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Increase traffic to sponsors and key areas
within your event

Gamification encourages more conversations, and as a result, more traffic and leads.

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Create high-quality experiences

Give your audience the opportunity to learn new things and improve through a fun and friendly competition. It promotes more than just participation. It drives happiness and engagement with others. 

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Increase event ROI

Keep track of different elements of event planning and strike a balance between with the help of gamification.

Provide more value to your

  • Gamify your event activities such as booking a meeting, asking a question, leaving a comment, posting a photo to the gallery, sending a chat message, and watching a session. You can assign any number of points to attendee behaviors and activities on the platform.

  • Help break the ice by giving reasons for your audience to start networking. Reward attendees who interact with others, visit sponsors and exhibitors, or simply attend sessions. Setup a point-based system that will fuel the friendly competition through your event.

  • An up-to-date live leaderboard keeps the event interactive and exciting. Attendees will feel connected with each other, knowing other people are on the platform at the same time. It also adds a fun competitive edge to any event.

  • Allow your attendees to redeem points for desirable digital gifts such as online course access, exclusive invites, gift box subscription, private consultations, and future event tickets.

  • Attendees can track what actions you have performed, how they have gained points and what more they can do to move up the leaderboard using the ‘My progress tab’.

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Create a more fulfilling event

  • Make it as bespoke as you’d like! You can choose from a list of 20+ rules, decide on the naming and description and the number of points you want to give to your attendees.

  • The flexibility of our gamification is what makes it unique. Here are some good examples:

  • Sustainability: You can craft fun games for a good cause such as by including your corporate sustainability mission in your event on Canapii. Every point earned contributed to the company’s mission of planting 10,000 trees. On the platform, you can see how many ‘trees to be planted’ with the collective goal visible. Also, you may award sustainable prizes to the most hardworking attendees.

  • Training: You can facilitate a corporate training to hundreds or thousands of employees effectively by including a checklist of required training sessions that they must complete. Employees earn points by attending each session and participating quizzes on the platform. Encourage your employees to aim to be in the top 100 participants to unlock a special badge against their profile.

We can customize a gamification solution that matches your event goals and atmosphere. Get in touch with us to review and discuss customization options.

Land a better event ROI

  • Elevate the value and ROI of your sponsors and exhibitor partnerships through event gamification. Get your sponsors and exhibitors involved in your prizes by donating a gift or pay for the rights to put their name on the contest.

  • Keep track of the performance by participant, objective or by event.

  • Capture sales and valuable insights that can be used for post-event.

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